Professional Irrigation Systems

After many years of experience in the field we have converted to be proud and exclusive installers of one the best quality systems on the market the automated hunter™ line of irrigation and sprinkler systems which carries a full two-year warranty on all electronic products and has the best return in value for money.

We recommend the installation of this professional irrigation system together with your newly landscaped garden, as it is a well-known fact that an irrigated lawn and gardens perform better and more efficiently than a garden watered by hand. More than forty percent of the water is wasted in runoff or evaporation with the “water by hand” method.

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Professional Irrigation Systems

  • Saves Time and Money
  • Saves water consumption as there is No Water wasted.
  • Improves Growth and results in a Lush green garden and lawn throughout the year.
  • Remarkable reduction in weeds as there is no runoff into unwanted areas.
  • Perfect coverage, using just the right amount of water applied to the exact areas your garden needs at the correct times of the day, flourishing your garden whether you are home to manage it or not.
  • Programing capability of this system to run at night when evaporation is at its lowest brings benefits that are in turns personal, financial and environmental as you conservate our most precious resource and play your role in our planets future.
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Professional Irrigation Systems Saves Time and Money!