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Landscaping adds value to your property and enhances the entire look and feel of your home. The key to any landscaping project is in hiring the right people for the job.

Landscaping is widely regarded as one of the projects most likely to turn into a DIY endeavor, and is often the building project with least amount of budget. However, landscaping plays one of the biggest roles in the overall appearance and value of your home or property.

South African home owners would rather spend R200 000 + on a kitchen than R50 000 on their garden, not realizing that landscaping provides much more return value when it comes to selling your property.

In 2014, TCG assisted a well-established Real Estate agency in Pretoria East with two gardens on properties that they had struggled to sell. The first property sold within a month after completion of our landscaping project, and the second just five weeks after completion.

Research shows that a property with a professionally landscaped garden will often sell for six to twelve percent more than comparable homes without landscaped gardens. Real Estate Agents also agree that a landscaped home adds value, virtually all in concurrence that the presence of landscaping causes most homes to sell more quickly.

It is imperative that you seek out the experience and knowledge of a professional, qualified landscaper, whether you are creating a new garden from scratch or revamping your existing garden. This will not only give your property the makeover it deserves, but it will also save you money because we always do it right the first time.

There is so much more to landscaping than just installing random plants that we like the look of and hoping for the best. Sun, shade, size constraints, water requirements and seasonal appearances are just some of the factors to consider when designing a garden. A professional TGC landscaper will take all of these aspects into consideration when designing the garden of your dreams.

We have expertise in all sizes and styles of gardens, and can help you decide what is right for your property. For lasting beauty, for added value, for your absolute delight, we specialize in:

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Landscaping adds value to your property and enhances the entire look and feel of your home

How Much Does Landscaping Cost and How Much Should I Budget For Landscaping?

  • Modern Gardens
  • Tropical Gardens
  • Formal Gardens
  • Indigenous Gardens
  • Shade Gardens
  • Vertical Gardens
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Country Gardens
  • Instant Lawns

In calculating what to budget for your landscaping project, surveys suggest that spending five percent of your property value on a professionally landscaped garden will add an additional fifteen to twenty percent to the appraised value of the property. Our experience tells us that spending an average of ten percent of your home’s total value is optimal, and will maximize the value you will gain.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to spend ten percent of your property value. In fact, most of our clients spend between five and eight percent, and still gain great value and enjoyment from their revitalized outdoor living space.

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