Water Features

Water features attract natural wildlife

Birds, butterflies, dragonflies and bees, all of which contribute to the natural pollination of your beautifully landscaped garden. In addition, inviting natural wildlife onto your property will provide hours of entertainment and endless educational opportunities for you and your family.

We bring the water to you!

A waterfront property is a highly prized commodity. Without having to move near a lake or ocean TGC landscapers can easily incorporate a water feature into your outdoor living space.

Adding a water feature to your garden adds a whole new dimension to your outdoor living.


Don’t immediately dismiss the idea of including a water feature in your landscape design just because you are pressed for space.

Water features can be adapted to fit small spaces, and it is possible to install well-designed pond less water elements that don’t require much area at all.

Tucked into an area of your property that previously seemed like wasted space, your water feature will beautify your surroundings and bring you pleasure for years to come.

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De-stress & Relax

Relax and feel at peace with your surroundings by adding sound, movement and texture to your landscape design, Water features can be natural and unique, either blending seamlessly into your landscape or used as a focal point.

Enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of flowing water

Flowing water blocks out all busy noises from the city life and neighbors, bringing an aesthetic appeal to your professionally landscaped garden.

Foster life

In order to survive, all living creatures need water, so you’ll be fostering life in your little corner of the world. The plants included in your landscape design, combined with your unique water feature, will bring your property into harmony with nature around you.

Little maintenance

Water features require little maintenance. Unlike swimming pools that are in constant need of cleaning, chemicals and other upkeep, water features supply your garden with texture, natural sounds and visual interest without much effort at all. Call today to see how we can design a water feature that is right for your garden!

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